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The Black Guelph

Step into Dublin's gritty underworld with "The Black Guelph," an award-winning film directed by John Connors. Follow Canto, a street-smart enforcer, and his tumultuous relationship with his drug-addicted father.

Critics rave about this intense, high-stakes drama.

Now exclusively on in Ireland. Starring Graham Earley, Paul Roe, Tony Doyle, Denise McCormack, Lauren Larkin, Barry John Kinsella, Casper Walsh, Dubzeno, and John Connors.


Don't miss the worldwide sensation they didn't want you to see in Ireland!


Sleeping with the Entity

Sleeping With The Entity is a paranormal investigation show that takes ghost hunting to the EXTREME


See it all for one great price. All five episodes, all the screams and laughs from each episode in the complete season. The ultimate binge worthy box set.

E1: Ardgillan Castle Investigation

Casper Walsh and Dubzeno two famous rappers from Dublin must stay the night and find the spirit of "The Lady of the Stairs" and help the deceased "Father Ned" find his long lost bible.

E2: Leap Castle Investigation

Hughie Maughan, an Irish reality TV star, and Shannen Reilly McGrath, a renowned model, investigate Leap Castle.

They encounter paranormal phenomena, including ominous spirit messages and appearances by Shannen's deceased ex-boyfriend.

E3: Wicklow Gaol Investigation

Ava Van Rose, a glamour model, and Michael Byrne, a social media influencer, enter Leap Castle.

Their skepticism crumbles when they experience inexplicable voice phenomena and sinister paranormal events that place everyone at risk.

E4: The Hellfire Club Investigation

Terence Power and Calvin O'Brien from the "Talking Bollox Podcast", tests his skepticism with a cat ball, leading to a chilling revelation.

Spectral voices, a malevolent cat, and John's dead father's warning creates an atmosphere of terror beyond anything experienced before.

E5: Enniscorthy Castle Investigation

Paddy Barnes, a former boxer, and Stevo Timothy, a comedian, delve into the paranormal at Enniscorthy Castle.

An Ouija board session connects them with a child spirit and leads to unexplainable phenomena. Lilith the Whip, a dark angel, emerges with unsettling words, plunging them into an otherworldly experience of terror and enlightenment.

Sleeping with the Entity

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